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  1. .caf to mp3/other format

  2. .csv (index) saying PDF is not found

  3. .csv files

  4. A note about iOS5 and PDF page drawing

  5. Accessing unrealBook files in iTunes 12.7

  6. Add all files to set list

  7. Airturn BT-105 and unrealBook

  8. Airturn previous page not working

  9. Airturn Setup for BT-105/BT-106

  10. Apple Music for linked audio - do not use!

  11. Are you going to put in _____ feature???

  12. Artist and titles please for songs

  13. Auto Connect testing

  14. Backups! Various methods

  15. Bad PDF files

  16. Batch rename program for Macintosh

  17. Bluetooth audio streaming

  18. Bouncing out (flattening) large files using number of pages fields

  19. Cannot record under iOS7

  20. Cannot turn pages. There is LOCKED on the screen

  21. Connect 2 or more iPads using .local address via Wifi

  22. Connect 2 or more iPads via Wifi - with IP address

  23. Converting color PDFs to grayscale

  24. Creating and using Song lists

  25. Dealing with large multi-song PDF files

  26. Debugging Bluetooth Pedal with iPad

  27. Debugging server/slave connections

  28. Deleting set lists - Versions 1.92 and 1.93

  29. DiskAid

  30. Don't touch the Songs button until the Building Songs Menu window disappears

  31. Dropbox acting up

  32. Dropbox and file icon colors on computers

  33. Embedding drawings from Preview into PDF

  34. Excel and csv files

  35. File Sharing - iTunes

  36. Finding the IP address of a master iPad

  37. For power users - DupePrefs

  38. Getting files into unrealBook using dropbox

  39. Getting files into unrealBook with iTunes 12

  40. Getting files into unrealBook with macOS Catalina

  41. Helper Applications

  42. How do I create a set list???

  43. How does linking of iTunes songs work?

  44. How rescan your set lists

  45. How things work - bookmarks etc...

  46. How to AirDrop a set list from iPad to iPhone

  47. How to check your unrealBook version

  48. How to completely quit an app on the iPad

  49. How to completely reset the application on your iPad. (This works for any application):

  50. How to completely turn off iPad

  51. How to copy all files to another iPad

  52. How to copy all unrealBook files from one iPad to another

  53. How to copy files from your computer to the iPad using iMazing

  54. How to create a set list

  55. How to create MIDI strings to switch banks/programs

  56. How to create PDF files with Macintosh Preview

  57. How to delete a set list

  58. How to delete an index (.csv file)

  59. How to delete pages from a PDF using Mac Preview

  60. How to download all files in a folder from

  61. How to email a comment

  62. How to email a set list and all files

  63. How to get an idea implemented

  64. How to grab files from a backup using iMazing

  65. How to help development

  66. How to import a file from Mail

  67. How to import a PDF from gmail into unrealBook

  68. How to import a PDF into unrealBook from email

  69. How to locate your files in iTunes for unrealBook

  70. How to rename a PDF file in unrealBook

  71. How to reset unrealBook preferences

  72. How to search a PDF document for text

  73. How to send a file from a Macintosh to an iOS device using AirDrop

  74. How to setup Auto Connect

  75. I want a call back via phone

  76. IGNORE MIDI input

  77. Importing a PDF from google drive

  78. Importing a set list file - Rescan

  79. iOS 10.3.x and Airturn PED

  80. iOS10

  81. iOS10/iOS11 pausing of audio when switching apps

  82. iOS14/iPadOS14

  83. iOS15

  84. iOS6 and video out - text field problems

  85. iOS7 and unrealBook

  86. iOS7 privacy and microphone

  87. iPad mini and unrealBook

  88. iPad Pro

  89. iRig Blueturn

  90. iTunes - grabbing from iPad

  91. Keyboard not appearing when emailing - airturn

  92. Long iPad names may interfere with wifi connect

  93. Low cost reliable MIDI interface

  94. Make super large, super slow PDF files faster and smaller

  95. Manual Backups

  96. MIDI strings for unrealBook

  97. More aggressive compression - convert to grayscale and reduce resolution

  98. Nice app for OS X to create a table of contents

  99. No songs in the iTunes song popup

  100. No sound from metronome etc...

  101. Older Versions information

  102. Onscreen Keyboard not coming up

  103. Open in... unrealBook not there

  104. Placeholder for set lists

  105. Playbar Commands

  106. Please triple check email addresses please

  107. Portrait vs Landscape and Do Menu

  108. Privacy settings - no iTunes music or unable to record

  109. Problems with iTunes and files? Use DiskAid

  110. Pull to rebuild a list

  111. Purple line appears in the middle of the screen

  112. Re-order items in a set list

  113. Real Book indexes

  114. Remote Files/Dropbox

  115. Saving a file as PDF from Macintosh Preview

  116. Set List menu is gone

  117. Sharing files automatically from Master to slave

  118. Simple tip for searching

  119. Split PDF files

  120. Super Compressed PDF files

  121. Trying to flatten setlist with huge amounts of files may not work

  122. Turn auto connect off when you don't need it

  123. Turn automatic updates OFF for iOS7+

  124. Turn off review reminders if you are on a closed (non internet) local network router

  125. Two iPads, one footswitch

  126. Unable to turn pages

  127. unrealBook and older versions earlier than 1.8 and Dropbox

  128. unrealBook iCloud Backups

  129. unrealBook library credits

  130. unrealBook limitations

  131. unrealBook One and dropbox

  132. unrealBook, iOS 4

  133. Using a PageFlip Pedal

  134. Version 2.5.x

  135. Version 2.7 notes

  136. Version 2.8 notes

  137. Version 3.0

  138. Version 3.1

  139. Version 3.2

  140. Version 3.8 Problem

  141. Version 4.0-4.1.1 drawing problems on non pro iPads

  142. Version 4.2x

  143. VGA Out Setup

  144. Where can I find free sheet music

  145. White on black - or night mode

  146. Yamaha MO mode change MIDI

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