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For power users - DupePrefs

Some people have many documents that require specific sizing, or special needs. They have many of them and it would be nice to have them all display exactly the same in unrealBook. It would be nice if all of the files had the same markings, or transmogrify buttons. The same landscape zoom or MIDI commands.
DupePrefs was created for this. DupePrefs allows you to create one set of default preferences files and have them duplicated for any number of PDF files. I created DupePrefs for an unrealBook user, but some power users would find it useful as well.

DupePrefs runs on your Macintosh computer

Get DupePrefs here

How to use DupePrefs

1. Create a “default” PDF - one with a default size and specs that you normally create. Name it default.pdf

2. Open default.pdf in unrealBook. 

3. Size default.pdf, use Save Zoom for Landscape in landscape mode. Create drawings, Transmogrify buttons, etc…

4. Using iTunes or DiskAid, save the matching default.prefs, default.plist and default.prs (if created) to your computer. At minimum, there will be a default.prefs file.

5. Place all of the default files in the same folder as DupePrefs.

6. Run DupePrefs and drag any number of PDF files into any window of DupePrefs.

7. DupePrefs will create matching .pref, .plist and .prs files from the default files.

You can then copy the created .pref, .plist and .prs files into unrealBook and all of the PDF files will have the same drawings, buttons, zoom etc…

11-28-13 - DupePrefs created by Aron Nelson

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