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Manual Backups

Every now and then, you should backup your unrealBook files to your computer. iTunes does do a backup, but it is not user accessible. To backup your files, dock the iPad to your computer. Run iTunes and navigate to the unrealBook documents folder (Apps->File Sharing->unrealBook Documents).

You need to backup everything except the Inbox folder. If you need to restore the files, do not copy the Inbox folder back to the iPad. 

4-16-20 NEW EASY WAY
iFunBox works and is very easy to use!

Here is a step by step PDF that you can read on how to do a manual backup AND how to copy to a new iPad

Here's a video showing how to get to the iTunes file sharing window for Windows computers. In this case, substitute unrealBook instead of Azul:

Here is a PDF that describes how to backup your unrealBook files with iTunes 12
How to backup with iTunes 12

Here is another link - just substitute unrealBook for FamViewer

In several version of iTunes- it seems to slow down or lockup if you select more than a few hundred files. So select about 200 or 300 files using the shift key, perhaps A-C files, then drag the files to a folder on your computer. Repeat for the rest of the files. Now you have a complete backup that you can drag back to your iPad should you need to. (Note: on OS X and the latest iTunes I have not had this happen for a while).

Also see the app DiskAid for copying files.

For DiskAid:
Connect your iPad to the computer.
In the left sidebar of DiskAid, select Storage->Apps->unrealBook
Drag files into the files listing to the right of the unrealBook icon.

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