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Debugging Bluetooth Pedal with iPad

How can you tell if your bluetooth pedal is connected? 
First make sure that you are paired to the pedal. Open settings and check your Bluetooth pane. It should say Connected.

Then open the Notes app and type in a few lines of text.
Then press in one of the middle lines of text so you can see the cursor.

Then press the footswitch. The cursor should move up and down between lines. If it doesn't, then the pedal is not set to arrow up and down. Please set the profile or setting on the pedal to up and down arrows, then it will work with unrealBook.

In the above example, the cursor will move between the T and U lines when you press the footswitch previous and next switches.

Once you have verified this, then go into the Global->Network->Airturn Setup and make sure that Airturn Support is ON and that the window is set to BT-105, or Keyboard (should show my device is a PED).

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