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iOS7 and unrealBook

1.92 - 
A gremlin has introduced itself and it makes the search field useless when using the Airturn Bluetooth pedal. 1.93 fixes the problem and has been submitted (10-31-13). It should be 5 long days before it is approved. Version 1.93 10-4-13 is available and addresses these problems.

Currently under investigation is that on some iPads, the magnifying loupe for text fields doesn't show anything. unrealBook doesn't do anything special with text fields so I have reported this to Apple.  Problem has been identified and it is due to custom VGA output code. iOS6 broke all text fields with regard to VGA out and now the magnifying loupe breaks under iOS7. The next update will try and work around this bug in iOS7. 

Version 1.91 should be compatible with iOS7. Please let me know if you find anything that should be fixed.

Only for version 1.90

1: It seems that Photo to PDF doesn't prompt for the name. So right now you have to choose save, then rename the file photoPDF.pdf in Do->Manage Files

Save File:

Then rename:

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