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Older Versions information

Version 2.0x

http server for master/slave with wifi for more reliable connections.
Redesigned Globals windows and more streamlined menus.
Visual updates.
Index Editor.
Bug fixes.

Version 1.9x

5-22-15 (1.993)
Hot Spots can link to other files.
Upload file to
Rotate VGA 180 degrees.
Expert MIDI Mode
Countdown/Count up timer when playing music
Airturn PED support
Preview of file in All Files by pressing and holding
Low Latency for Sample Tank
Mi.1 Blue MIDI wireless support
Optimized memory for certain functions on iPad 1
Bug Fixes

10-21-14 (1.98)
Airturn 2.0 library - warning, will affect PageFlip users on all iOS versions! This means limited functionality for PageFlip due to the changes in iOS8 and the Airturn Library.
MIDI window improvements - decimal to hex converter.
Metronome can handle faster tempos.
Recorder->Player can speed up, slow down, loop and play from in point.
Fixed use file button to accept .mp4
Fixed broken share PDF command (for multiple pages).
Many more tiny fixes/improvements.

9-1-14 (1.97)
iOS8 WARNING with Airturn/Bluetooth pedals!
Per page MIDI strings.
Fixes incorrect blue board state for Hot Spots.
useFilePressed can load upper case audio file extensions.
Can email audio files as long as the email server can handle the size.
Option to record .mp4 files with reduced quality/size.
If a lyric file exists, you can directly edit the existing lyric file now instead of having to go to the recycle icon.
Remember last page setting. If you are not in set list mode, the last page of a document can be open when the file is opened again.
Many fixes for set list sharing of zip files via email/open in...

8-1-14 (1.96)
Fixes for Bluetooth speaker playback. Note if playing through Bluetooth speakers or AirPlay, recording cannot be used.
Lists do not jump to top after being opened and continuously used.
Zero value is ok for BT Latency
Fixes undo problems with sorting and shuffle in set list editor.
Recently loaded can hold a greater number of entries.

7-9-14 (1.95)

BlueBoard buttons can now be used to jump directly to Hot Spots - basically making the Hot Spot a marker that you can jump to. Put a Hot Spot on a D.S. or Coda sign and jump directly to it via the BlueBoard. This great when performing and someone calls out the D.S. or Coda.


New Blueboard Controller events:

Control number- Function
8 - Previous song in set list.
9 - Next song in set list.
10 - CD icon (music icon)
11 - Per page Hot Spot. (1 tap on the BlueBoard will execute the first Hot Spot assigned to the Blueboard controller 11 for the current page - one per page). Two taps will jump to a Hot Spot in the document assigned to Double Tap.
13 - Per document Hot Spot marker - jump directly to a Hot Spot set to control 13 via BlueBoard button.
14 - Per document Hot Spot marker - jump directly to a Hot Spot set to control 14 via BlueBoard button.

Recently Loaded entry in Songs Menu - you can use this to go back to files you have recently loaded. Swipe left on the Recently Loaded list title to delete and reset the list. You can also save the Recently Loaded as a set list or regular list in the Songs menu. You can access the Recently Loaded in the Quick Panel as well.

You can use AirDrop via the Open In... commands for a single file (Action menu->Share PDF) or an entire set list including all files via the + menu in the set list toolbar. (Open in... Set List and All Files). This will allow you to quickly move a bunch of files from your iPad to your iPhone or from iPad to iPad. (Devices must be AirDrop compatible).

7.1 offset parameter fixes.

Multiple fixes and improvements.

12-18-13 (1.94)

iRig Blueboard support. What can you do with the Blueboard? How about 4 foot switches that can control different functions (and more to come!)? In program mode - it’s preset for different templates. In control mode - completely programmable! Very cool! Here are the functions available as of this date:

Controller number - function
0 - Find
1 - Pause/Continue player
2 - Prev Page
3 - Next Page
4 - Set List song popup
5 - Goto menu
6 - Do menu
7 - Quick Panel

(Click the Blueboard picture below to go to the website).


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