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Version 2.5.x

Version 2.5x

Bluetooth connection is back with iOS7 and up. (Sadly iPad 1 is not included since it has an older bluetooth connection routine).
Swipe left on search field to clear, swipe right to recall last search.
Redesigned (darker) metronome, pitch, player etc....
iPad Pro Apple Pencil drawing support - turn on in Settings->Globals->Functions. The new drawing support works for new documents only. Existing drawings will still work with the older drawing method.
Set lists support colors, notes and MIDI override. MIDI override will allow you to override any MIDI associated with the current set list entry.
You can link audio files to a PDF document without having to use a transmogrify button. If an audio file is linked, the player in the do menu will bring up the linked song.
Identity allows a master to bring up different documents on slaves but creating an identity string on the slave - which is then referenced when calling up documents. The identity string is set in settings->Globals->Identity.
Pause command for MIDI strings - simply type in ‘pause’ (no quotes) in a single line in the MIDI window to create a 250ms pause.
Tons of changes for iPad Pro support - popups changed, sizes changed etc...
Open in... for large recordings so you can share them to another iPhone or Macintosh.
Many improvements and bug fixes.

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